1 Second Everyday

Right before we traveled to China, I asked my friend Elise for her advice on memory keeping with a child. I was (and am!) intimidated by the responsibility or documenting Nova’s childhood in an organized way (cough-cough). I was mainly asking her advice on organizing photo books and storing files, but Elise said to me that the BEST thing she had done for documenting her kiddos’ childhoods was 1 Second Everyday. I watched her videos (here and here) and CRIED … a lot.

So I downloaded 1 Second Everyday and started, just a week or so before we left for China. When I shared my project with Jeremy he was initially pretty disinterested. I have done a LOT of projects like this through the years, most of them highly annoying to him. Haha! But after we had Nova for just a few weeks, he watched back the seconds we had collected in China and he told me to “keep doing it no matter what”… it was so special.

Now every few weeks or so he asks to watch the whole collection back. It gets more special each time.

For people with small kids, it’s amazing because you can see them grow and you can capture all the little stages that come and go so quickly.

We plan to use this app to make a video of our first year with Nova. Three months in, I guess we are already 1/4 of the way there—it’s crazy!

Here’s my 1 Second Everyday spanning from November until last week:

You can see a noticeable difference around January 1, when I started to use A Color Story filters to edit each clip. I like how they make the tones a bit more consistent, but I don’t do too much editing—just throw a quick filter on.

I do skip days. If I don’t get a clip that day, I don’t go back and try to fill it in. I just let it be. I decided to do that because I can be a perfectionist about these things, but I’d rather just keep it natural. I also decided not to use music just because I kind of like the randomness of the natural sound.

Anyway! I have LOVED this creative project. It’s easy to keep up with and so meaningful to our family!

Be sure to check out our IG stories today because we’ll be giving away some free 1 Second Everyday apps!!! xx – Elsie


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