All Things Nathalie Lété

All Things Nathalie Lété

If you’ve ever walked into an Anthropologie, you’ll recognize the work of Nathalie Lété. Her colorful illustrations have adorned Anthropologie’s stoneware, wallpaper, and other home objects for years. But her craft doesn’t stop there. Add ceramicist, furniture maker, painter, textile artist, and toy maker to the list of Nathalie’s creative talents. So it’s no surprise that her Parisian showroom is in and of itself a work of art. Built in collaboration with architect Nicolas André, and cabinet makers Antonis Cardew and Matthew Impey, the French-Chinese artist set out to create a fantastical space that complimented and showcased her equally imaginative work. Inspired by folklore and childhood memories, the showroom features a suspended bed enclosed in a wooden frame, an entire wall covered with hand painted ceramic tiles and wooden furniture carved from Nathalie’s illustrations. And the tree trunk wall with an embedded mirror? Pure magic.

(via Milk Decoration)

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