Decorating With Dried Flowers

Decorating With Dried Flowers

Until recently, the thought of dried flowers brought me back to my childhood and memories of the house in which I grew up, where dried flowers and hydrangeas (scented, nonetheless) were dotted throughout. Oh, how far we’ve come with dried flowers and plants. I’m currently obsessed with the idea of drying fresh flowers and rearranging them with palm fronds and pampas grass. Not only is it a great way to extend the life of fresh cut flowers, they are so pretty bunched together and hung upside down during the drying process. Just be careful with dried grass around candles. It can be a fire hazard and trust me when I say I know from experience. Yikes!

(images by Mary Lennox, Belinda Evans, Glitter Guide, Afloral, WeddyWood)

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