Elsie’s Fashion Challenge … 3 Weeks In!

Hi friends! It’s been three weeks since I began my 2019 fashion challenge, and I wanted to update you on how it’s been going so far! First of all, I haven’t cheated!!! Three weeks in, I’d say it’s definitely been a lot easier than I expected! I’m thinking a good way to structure these check-ins is by sharing what I’ve bought, what I’ve been wearing, and what I’ve learned. 🙂

In the above photo, I am wearing a Sézane dress (which was a Christmas gift from Jeremy), a thrifted straw hat and basket (can it please be spring already??) and some Seychelles booties.

What I’ve bought: Diving into the new year, I wanted to take a short break from online shopping, but I’ve purchased two things so far—a Doen top, which I found in a friend’s closet sale, and a Madewell dress, which I found on Poshmark.

I’ve been pretty busy catching up with work post-holidays, so I haven’t done as much local shopping as I hope to, but I’ve still stopped anytime I’ve had a chance. So far I’ve found a white beret and lace dress at a flea market (pictured below), a ’90s black dress (also pictured below—I was trying to decide whether to hem it) and the basket purse (pictured above).

To be fair, I am writing this post only 16 days into the first month and I bought quite a few (new and used) pieces before the new year, so I haven’t really felt the itch to shop yet. I’m sure the next update will be better on the shopping front.

To avoid shopping, I’ve not been opening any shopping emails (I use unrollme, so as long as I don’t open my daily rollup, I don’t really see any sales emails, which is nice!). I haven’t really encountered any hardcore temptation yet, but I will report back when I do. I’m sure it’s coming soon!

What I’ve been wearing: I’m very happy to report that so far I have been much more engaged with the clothing I already have, which was one of my goals. I’ve been trying to wear each item in my closet to prove to myself they still have a place there. It’s been a good challenge and I was surprised to realize I had a lot of clothing I hadn’t worn yet.

What I’ve learned: Shopping for used clothing is so fun. So far, if I have a shopping mood (my night time guilty pleasure!), I have been saving favorite items in Poshmark, Etsy and eBay. I’m amazed how much selection they have of my favorite brands, and really great vintage and unique pieces. I’ve also been exploring the suggestions for online shopping I got from Instagram and I’ll share a full list with you soon!

Three weeks in, I have zero regrets and nothing but positive feelings to report for doing this challenge! I feel so inspired! Just today, I saw on my Timehop a photo of my closet on this day last year and I feel like it’s SO MUCH more honed-in and full of pieces I really wear now (mostly thanks to my capsule wardrobe). I’m excited to see how this year’s challenge will help me get even closer to my personal goal.

Jumper: Hello Holiday, Slides/Madewell (I bought both these items before the new year)

Thanks for reading! If you’ve joined in the challenge, I’d love to hear what you’ve bought, what you’ve been wearing and what you’ve learned in the comments! xx – Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Some photos by Amber Ulmer and some are iPhone snapshots.