How Meghan Markle sparked an ‘elegant’ fashion trend

On the day of the royal wedding, one of the biggest topics of conversation was inevitably the style of dress that the Duchess of Sussex would choose to wear when marrying into the British monarchy.

While some were mostly interested by Meghan’s choice of designer and some were fascinated by the intricacy of her Commonwealth-inspired veil, others took particular notice of a different element of the ensemble.

Meghan’s Givenchy gown was designed with a “boat” neckline, otherwise known as a “bateau” or “Sabrina” neckline.

The wide neckline emphasises the collar bone by resting comfortably on the shoulder.

Meghan had previously been spotted wearing a neckline of a similar fashion when visiting Wales with her then-fiancé in January.

As a result, online searches for tops or dresses with a “boat neck” have increased drastically.

According to statistics provided to The Independent by fashion brand Lyst, searches for that particular neckline have risen by an impressive 52 per cent in the last two months.

Searches for ‘boat neck’ rose after the royal wedding (Getty Images)

Furthermore, it has become increasingly popular in recent times for brides to request wedding dresses that sit on the shoulder, as luxury wedding dress designer Caroline Arthur explains.

“As a style, it is an excellent neckline for accentuating a small waist, as it creates a very flattering triangle from shoulders to waist,” Arthur tells The Independent.

“In addition, it tends to make it almost impossible for the wearer to be anything other than elegant.

“More demure than a strapless or low-necked style, it is still regarded as a very sensuous style, showing, as it does, a certain amount of neck, back and décolletage, but in a very sophisticated way.”

Earlier this week, Meghan attended the Trooping the Colour in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.

She wore a Carolina Herrera dress, sporting another boat neckline that some lauded as a feminist statement for breaking away from traditional royal protocol.

However, it’s not just the boat neckline that’s been picking up traction since the royal wedding.

The dress that the duchess chose to wear on the evening of her nuptials, designed by Stella McCartney, has also spurred a flurry of searches.

According to Lyst, searches for “halterneck dresses” increased by 40 per cent in the weeks following the royal wedding due to consumers’ admiration for the gown, with searches for “halterneck tops” also going up by 21 per cent.

The Duchess of Sussex carried out an official engagement with the Queen today wearing a Givenchy dress (Getty Images)

Furthermore, searches for “capelet dress” and “Givenchy” have surged in the past few hours following Meghan’s official engagement with the Queen today in Cheshire.

The duchess’ ability to spark fashion trends will undoubtedly continue far into the future.

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