My Fashion Challenge for 2019

WOOOOOOO! Time for New Year’s goals! My favorite!

This year, one of my big goals is that I want to purchase ONLY used/pre-owned/pre-loved clothing for the whole year. Yes, the whole year!! I have never done a goal like this before and I am equal parts inspired and terrified!

I have been considering doing this since last summer and felt ready to take the leap. One reason is that my closet is fully stocked with basics like jeans, dresses for certain occasions, tops, jackets, etc. And to be totally honest, it’s began to look a little bit like a Madewell store in there—haha. Not that that is a bad thing (I obviously LOVE Madewell), but I really want to feel like I have my OWN style as well. So I felt like taking this next year to shop vintage and pre-owned things might help me to add a little more personality to my closet. For better or for worse, I am one of those people who values uniqueness, so it would make me super happy to add some personality pieces to my closet.

Here are my hopes and intentions behind this goal. 
-Like I said above, I’d like to add some more unique pieces to my wardrobe. I think I’m pretty covered on basics now, so I’d like to focus more on the personality element of my clothing.
-Being less wasteful. I love shopping and capsule has helped me become much less wasteful. But, I still feel tempted by fast fashion, too much online shopping (even though I return a lot of it, it wastes a lot of time), shopping sales, and I still occasionally buy items I never wear even once.
-Good for the environment. This is an obvious one, but shopping used clothing is a sustainable practice that benefits the environment in multiple ways!
-Enjoy the clothing I already have. I have plenty of clothing. I’d like to just focus my energy on styling new outfits this year rather than shopping or thinking about what I want to buy next.
-I miss vintage. So much! I grew up thrifting and it’s definitely a happy place for me. Many of you know we used to own a big vintage store in Missouri, which ultimately led me to complete burnout where I didn’t want to wear anything vintage for several years. I got rid of literally ALL my vintage clothing at one point. Well, now I miss it because LIFE IS A BIG CIRCLE. I want to bring it back into my wardrobe in a more minimal way (I used to buy just WAY too much of it and never got anything tailored, so it was kind of a mess).

Here are my “rules” (and loopholes, LOL)
-I will not spend ANY money on new clothing in 2019. The only things that don’t count are underwear, tights or socks (I would say swimsuits too, but I don’t really need any new swimsuits currently) because, well, I have to draw the line somewhere.
-Gift card loophole. If I get a gift card as a gift I can use it. Ironically, I received zero gift cards for Christmas—lol.
Also, if I get any clothing gifted from brands, that is OK too (this almost never happens so it’s not a big deal to me).
-Any used item is OK to buy. Any “used or pre-owned” marketplace is OK to buy from, so I can shop online or locally in Nashville (Nashville isn’t really known for its vintage shops, but it has a few good ones).

Should I make any other rules? Let me know if I’m missing something obvious!

These are two things I purchased secondhand last year that I love so much: this skirt, which I found from Goodwill, and this Chloe purse I purchased from The Real Real. I hadn’t bought a designer bag in a long time and it felt so cool to purchase it with the money I saved from closet sales last summer.

As a part of this challenge, I am planning to share a report here on the blog of the ups and downs, things I learn, anything good I find secondhand and things like that! I don’t know if I’ll do it monthly or once a season—probably just each time I have something new to share … we’ll see!

Wish me luck. One of the reasons I am sharing this here is to hold myself accountable to do this challenge 100%. NO CHEATING. I’m sure it will not be easy. I love shopping and I will for sure resume shopping at my favorite stores after this year is over—I just want to see if I can do it!

What do you think? Do you think this challenge sounds ridiculously difficult or easy or somewhere in between? For the past few months I’ve been telling all my friends I was thinking about doing this and most people tried to talk me out of it or (like my husband) zone out and just totally do NOT care, haha. I guess it is pretty specific, but it’s making me feel really inspired, so I am excited to go for it!

Wish me luck? xx – Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.