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WWD is sad to report that Patrick McCarthy has died. McCarthy, who was an executive at Fairchild Fashion Group for decades, was 67. McCarthy in 2010 left Fairchild, then the holding company for WWD and W magazine while still under the umbrella of Condé Nast, when he was chairman and editorial director of the group. He largely led W, which he’d overseen since its 1993 launch as a fashion glossy. Born in Dedham, Mass., McCarthy started his journalism career straight out of Stanford graduate school with Financial News Service, Fairchild’s news service division, as a reporter in Washington, D.C. He eventually started writing for the Eye desk and then moved on to some fashion coverage before John Fairchild, the late, legendary head of WWD appointed him as Paris bureau chief, a position Mr. Fairchild had also held. McCarthy spent his entire professional life with the company, seeing it through its first acquisition by Disney and then its sale to Condé Nast. Report: Kali Hays #wwdnews