The craziest looks from Tokyo Fashion Week

Trust Japan to take crazy runway fashion to the next level. Behold, the most over-the-top looks from Tokyo Fashion Week.

Label Yukihero Pro-Wrestling sends a model down the runway in a Mickey Mouse-eared wrestling mask.

Ha-ha designers Yurie Fujita, Katsuya Miyazaki and Futaba Hongo prep their models for a curious safari.

Teddy-bear fluff now comes in dress form, thanks to Memuse designer Risa Aizawa.

Pants, schmants. Tiit Tokyo designers Sho Iwata and Hiroshi Takizawa keep torso and calves cozy while giving the thighs room to breathe.

Candy-colored wigs and not-so-basic tees stole the show at label Tokuko 1er Vol’s show.

Something to wear to the gym when your cute sports bra is dirty, thanks to Dressedundressed designers Takeshi Kitazawa and Emiko Sato.

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