This Futuristic Metro Station Extension Will Make You Want to Take the Train More

Very rarely do the ornate structures over the entrances of the world’s small metro stations cause interest to disgruntled commuters. As glass facades become dirtied, and their forms mirror “old” design as opposed to the futuristic vision they might have once hoped to exude, it is easy to overlook the work that often goes into their construction.

Norwegian architecture firm, Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter, has sought to change people’s perception on the common metro entrance, with a stunning new extension to the Nydalen stop in Oslo. As the station itself is reported to be a catalyst for the development of its surroundings, the architects behind the project successfully increased the station’s capacity by an astonishing 300 people, and were able to enjoy increased use of the transport service as a result.

Having rebuilt both the station’s eastern and western pavilion, the ceiling in the east now boasts a hanging, three-dimensional raft, housed in a glass construction above the escalators. The awe-inspiring design is visible from both inside and outside the station, and promises an immersive experience when properly observed.

Enjoy a full look at the newly renovated Nydalen metro station above and let us know in the comment section following if there are any spots worth checking out in a city near you.

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